About us

25 years of experience.... service with a smile.... professionalism, respect for each individual. That is what you will get with Securatek, every time!

Securatek- protecting you one job at a time!

There is no feeling you learn to appreciate more than security. Our founder, Michael Weiss, knows it all too well. After more than 11 years in law enforcement as a crime prevention specialist, he knew there had to be a better way of securing your home. He couldn't fine one, so he did what any man looking to protect his family and community does; he created a means to ensure their safety.
Seuratek was founded on the principal of helping other people. If we can find a solution that fits your budget we will.  We are the company that will protect your business while you are at home spending time with your loved ones, we are that company that will do what it takes for you to feel safe.
Securatek has many different options, from low cost home security cameras that are moveable and viewable 280 degrees on your smart phone, to security cameras that are stationed and viewable on any electronic device.

Securatek also provides many other devices to feel safe and protected while at home or work, or while you are away. We offer access control, whether it is a door alarm, window alarm, to keyless entry on any door into your home or office building. We also offer the ability to turn on or off your lights with your smart phone.

Did you know we also install home theater systems? Yes we do! We can either buy the equipment and install for you, or you can purchase your own equipment and leave the installation to us! Why worry about the hasle of installing the equipment and wondering if you did it right, just leave it to us!

Not only are our installation technicians certified in every product we offer, they are curteous and respectful. They will take the time to teach you how to use your product effectivly and easily, they will make sure you are compleley satisfied prior to leaving the job site.

At any time you have a question or an issue you can always call us! If it is a simple quesiton we can help solve over the phone we will and, if we have to come out and help with any product we have installed we will be more than happy to do that!